Asian Cosmetics Brand THEFACESHOP Beauty Routine

Asian Cosmetics Brand THEFACESHOP Beauty Routine

The Glow From Within

Korean cosmetics, among other Asian beauty products, are known to the Asian cosmetics market as an effective radiance booster for women, making them look younger and naturally beautiful. Recently, the Korean makeup and beauty routines are increasingly becoming a hit all over the globe. Basically, it all boils down to the magic of how Korean women maintain young-looking, bright and transparent skin. Today, we are sharing with you a beauty routine by using a complete skincare set by THE FACE SHOP, one of Korea’s best facial products that promises all-natural and best ingredients.

Skin brightness more than anything

For Koreans, makeup is just secondary. It makes them enhance their physical features, but the key to nailing the true radiance is proper Asian skincare routine. Asian cosmetics play a role in making women look more beautiful, but underneath the makeup is a skin that is smooth, soft and well-cared for. Below are the steps in achieving real beauty.


Step 1: Cleanse.

Asian Cosmetics | Korean Makeup | Best Facial Products

Never forget to make it a habit to clean your face. Cleaning your skin makes it healthier by removing skin wastes and old keratin. For this very important step, you can use The Face Shop’s White Seed Exfoliating Foam Cleanser. It effectively removes dirt and wastes from the skin through the three stages of deep cleansing.

Step 2: Tone.

Asian Cosmetics | Korean Makeup | Best Facial Products

Toning does not mean you need to heavily wipe off the excess dirt from your skin left after cleansing. Although cleaning the thoroughly is one of the reasons for toning, it still has to be done gently. In fact, gentle toning can leave your skin with better results than severely rubbing your skin with cotton and toner. For this step, it’s best to try The Face Shop’s Real Whitening Toner. It not only cleans and moisturise your face, you also get the white glow that is just right for your skin.

Step 3: Apply Essence.

Asian Cosmetics | Korean Makeup | Best Facial Products

Many Asian cosmetics brand offers several kinds of essences. But a lot of women are not aware about the importance of essence. Did you know that applying essence is one of the key to bringing out the skin’s radiance and glow from within? It also works by ensuring that the whitening effects take place on your skin. To experience this glow, try the Real Whitening Essence & Cream Set.

Step 4: Purify with serum.

Asian Cosmetics | Korean Makeup | Best Facial Products

Before you ever put your makeup on, remember that serum will help you achieve improved facial features even before you lay your makeup on your skin. The Face Shop’s White Seed Pure Vitamin 10% Ampoule acts not only to treat your under eye circles, but also cares for melasma, freckles, and dark spots to improve skin texture, skin tone, and vitality. This product is a powerful serum that contains 10% highly concentrated pure Vitamin C.

Step 5: Seal with lotion.

Asian Cosmetics | Korean Makeup | Best Facial Products

After all your hard work, you wouldn’t want them to go down the drain in just a few minutes. To ensure long-lasting beauty radiance, amplify your skin’s glow by moisturising it with Real White Lotion.


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