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Benefit Cosmetics Opens Biggest Store in SEA

Benefit Cosmetics Says Hello to Manila
Just a few weeks ago, Benefits Cosmetics finally opened its store in Alabang Town Center (ATC) in Metro Manila, the brand’s biggest store in Southeast Asia. This news perked up a lot of beauty product …

MAC Cosmetics Holiday Collection Released

MAC Cosmetics Holiday Collection introduces new colours
This year’s MAC Cosmetics Holiday Collection is a stunning mix of “royally rich colours” labelled as Heirloom Mix. The newest special collection is a perfect gift for yourself or for your girl friends in …

KATE Tokyo Eye Shadow New Item Released

Source: KATE Tokyo

KATE Tokyo eye shadow with contour effect
Are you struggling to achieve the perfect eye shadow makeup? Play with KATE Tokyo eye shadow! Its newest brown eyeshadow shades under the KATE Brown Shade Eyes line are now up. Start picking your …

Cosmobeauté 2015: Events to Watch Out For

Cosmobeauté 2015 Rolls Out Biggest Events
Cosmobeauté Vietnam
Starting off in Vietnam, Cosmobeauté 2015 sets for its biggest beauty trade exhibition in the Indochina Region. This event is Vietnam’s 8th Cosmobeauté event. It is expected to be a special trade event wherein …

Asian Cosmetics Brand THEFACESHOP Beauty Routine

The Glow From Within
Korean cosmetics, among other Asian beauty products, are known to the Asian cosmetics market as an effective radiance booster for women, making them look younger and naturally beautiful. Recently, the Korean makeup and beauty routines are increasingly …

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