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L’Oreal Southeast Asia Largest Factory Opens

L'Oreal Brand

L’Oreal Southeast Asia region production hub

To efficiently cater to its fast-rising market, L’Oreal Southeast Asia is opening a new factory in Indonesia. The 66,000 sqm factory building, the brand’s largest in the world to date, will serve as the centre for production in the Southeast Asian region. Its record shows investment in this factory totaled to EUR 100m. Moreover, with its continued commitment to sustainable development, the new Jababeka plant holds the title as the first LEED certified factory in Indonesia.

Future plans

The new factory inaugurated this November 2014 was not the first of L’Oreal in Indonesia. The brand has its first factory established in Indonesia in 1986 in Jakarta. To date, L’Oreal runs 43 factories around the globe. Proving the brand’s dedication to the provision of products with superior quality and value, Jean-Philippe Blanpain, L’Oréal’s Executive Vice-President of Operations said “As we have been successfully operating a factory In Indonesia since 1986, the country is therefore the clear choice for L’Oréal’s ASEAN production hub.”

The opening of L’Oreal Southeast Asia’s newest factory is a step further to achieve its goal to reach one billion new customers in the next 10 years. It will mainly manufacture hair and skin products for the brands L’Oreal Paris and Garnier. As a response to the increased market demand for L’Oreal Southeast Asia, the factory will distribute 30% of its production within Indonesia, while 70% of the production will be delivered to the rest of the ASEAN countries.

L’Oreal Southeast Asia new factory is located at the Jababeka Industrial Estate, West Java, Indonesia, around 60km east of Jakarta.

With the opening of this new factory, L’Oreal Southeast Asia users can expect more about its products in the coming months. There’s more to be excited about as the brand starts to execute more moves to reach its SEA customers very soon..

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