What It Takes to Achieve a Real Korean Makeup Finish

What It Takes to Achieve a Real Korean Makeup Finish

What’s beneath the Korean Makeup?

When it comes to beauty, South Korean makeup is said to 12 years ahead of the world. But more than makeup, Koreans’ skincare practices goes a long way before ever achieving a natural, transparent skin that seems to radiate from within. Of course Korea is known for Asian cosmetics such as eyelash extensions, super concentrated serums, BB and CC creams, and a lot more. But do you know which Asian beauty products you need most to perfectly achieve what Koreans are known for?

Korean makeup does not start with just makeup. The process of making their faces naturally radiant stems from their Asian skincare routine with the help of some of the best facial products you can find in the market.

Did you know that you don’t actually need to buy almost all products that promises to eliminate blemishes, renew the skin or beautify you in 7 days? In fact, all you need are the five most necessary products to achieve the beauty you ever wanted. So clear up your beauty drawers because we’ve listed down the Asian beauty products and Asian skincare routine that you will ever need.

Cushion compacts

When BB and CC Creams came into the picture, Korean makeup products were well-praised by the world for this awesome beauty innovation. Now, it’s finally getting to the next level through the introduction of cushion compact. It is an all-in-one compact with a cushion applicator and loaded with lightweight BB or CC cream with moisturising SPF.

Brands offering cushion compacts include Laneige, Sephora and Etude House.

Asian skincare | Asian beauty products | Asian cosmetics

Etude House BB Cushion

Snail Slime

Snail slime has a history in the old times wherein it is said that it was used back then in the treatment of wounds. The use of snail slime finally made a wave when it was marketed as an ingredient in Korean cosmetics. Well, sometimes not just an ingredient but using the snail literally crawl on the skin as a beauty routine.

Why is it a good ingredient? Well, a lot has in reality proven how snail slime helped in solving women’s (and men’s) problems related to skin breakouts and blemishes. In fact, a number of Korean brides seem to take the use of snail slime-enriched products as part of their pre-wedding beauty routine to brighten their skin. It is known to have anti-bacterial properties that react fast on the skin so it leaves you looking radiant and smooth as you use it.

Snail slime-enriched products are offered by brands such as Amore Pacific, Etude House, Holika Holika and The Face Shop.

Asian skincare | Asian beauty products | Asian cosmetics

THE FACE SHOP’s Sseal: Escargot 24K Gold Cream contains 60% snail mucus

Sheet Masks

It comes in different ingredients and purposes. Some are used for dry skin, some are whitening, others for anti-blemish purposes and a lot more that your skin exactly needs. In the market, Korean sheet masks are known for effectiveness as its main purpose is to nourish and moisturise the skin back to a younger age. In a Korean makeup and beauty routine, the process won’t be complete without the application of facial sheet mask. These masks goes in different essences such as green tea, cucumber, avocado, aloe vera, etc. and are saturated with vitamins, collagen and moisturising ingredients.

Korean makeup brands that offer great facial sheet masks include Innisfree, Skin Food, Etude House and The Face Shop.

Asian skincare | Asian beauty products | Asian cosmetics

Innisfree Tea Tea Facial Mask

Cleansing Oil

Cleansing oil is a product that is very vital in the Korean way of removing makeup. Makeup may be harmful on the skin when removing it immediately with soap and water, making the skin dry and eventually triggering wrinkles. And Korean makeup is not an exception to that! Rubbing cleansing oil on the face for at least four minutes is enough to be able to hold the moisture of the skin before foam cleansing and rinsing with water.

Asian cosmetics that offer great cleansing oil products are Amore Pacific, Shiseido, Kanebo and DHC.

Asian skincare | Asian beauty products | Asian cosmetics

DHC Deep Cleansing Oil

Facial Massage

Finally, whatever Korean makeup you use, your face won’t be as relaxed and refreshed as when it is properly given a massage. This practice improves blood circulation on the face, releases toxins and relieves fluid retention – just what you need to bring out the radiance and freshness that you most wanted.

Asian skincare | Asian beauty products | Asian cosmetics.

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