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KATE Tokyo Eye Shadow New Item Released

KATE Tokyo Eye Shadow Brown Shade Eyes

Source: KATE Tokyo

KATE Tokyo eye shadow with contour effect

Are you struggling to achieve the perfect eye shadow makeup? Play with KATE Tokyo eye shadow! Its newest brown eyeshadow shades under the KATE Brown Shade Eyes line are now up. Start picking your favourite beautiful shades of brown to achieve the best contoured look for your face. Whether you like it matte or glittery, you can certainly emphasize your eyes’ best feature with any colour combination in the KATE Brown Shades Eyes palette.

Every palette holds four attractive shades of brown. This line offers six different types to choose from – Pearly Brown with Sexy Luster, Skinny Nude Beige Brown, Sepia Elegant Warm Brown, Deep Chic and Smoky Brown, Glitter Glamorous Brown, and Unique Matte Brown. Its main feature that makes a cut above the rest is the well-balanced shades of brown that holds a unique powder texture.

Frame Create Eye Shadow

With this newly introduced collection, KATE Tokyo eye shadow promises a more natural and mature appearance that reveals a smoothly done contoured look that every woman desires to achieve.

Have you finally decided which KATE Tokyo eye shadow palette you like best? If not, take more than one palette and use it on the best occasion it will fit best!

KATE Tokyo eye shadow palettes

Source: KATE Tokyo

Other November NEW RELEASES

There are a couple of newly released KATE Tokyo eye shadows aside from its KATE Brown Shade Eyes. Get ready to list it down! It’s going to be perfect makeup must-haves for the coming holidays.


KATE Deep Shiny Eyes

Just a pretty as any brown shade from the long list of KATE Tokyo eye shadows, this KATE Deep Shiny Eyes is two-shade eye shadow palette for people who want to achieve a big, attractive eye effect. There are 8 different KATE Deep Shiny Eyes palettes to choose from.

KATE Tokyo eye shadow deep shiny eyes

Source: KATE Tokyo

KATE Smooth Colour Rouge

To match any of your KATE Tokyo eye shadow, choose from different shades of red, pink and beige! No need to worry about reapplying too often because KATE Smooth Colour Rouge promises tight clinginess with strong coloration. This line offers 10 different colours to choose from.

KATE Tokyo eye shadow Smooth Colour Rouge

Source: KATE Tokyo


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