Holika Holika introduces Bizarre Asian Skincare Product

Holika Holika introduces Bizarre Asian Skincare Product

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Asian skincare: Pig collagen?

Yes, that’s right! Asian skincare company, Holika Holika is not just promising to bring out the beauty in every woman. It now also guarantees to erase facial wrinkles and bring back the “baby face” glow. But there’s an odd ingredient – a pig collagen. Are you ready to try this Asian skincare routine?

Holika Holika, a brand famous for its Asian beauty products and Korean makeup, just started offering Pig Collagen Jelly Pack, a gel-like sleeping mask that is created using 70,000ml of “high density collagen” extracted from none other but pig skin which aims to improve skin elasticity. It claims to keep the skin moist for as long as 24 hours while it works its magic.
Worried about how it would smell? Don’t fret about it because Holika Holika’s Pig Collagen Jelly Pack has a “fresh” floral smell and is in fact, certified by the Korea Food and Drug Administration.

What do users say about it?

Beauty product reviews about the Pig Collagen mask are quite positive so far. Mismiki Nashoba, on her blog The Beauty Wolf, says “My skin definitely feels plumper and more moisturized.”
Meanwhile, an xoVain writer said the mask left her with “fresher, more moisturized skin than usual.”

Is the product safe?

Well, according to dermatologists, pig collagen is actually common in beauty products. But, of course, it was never used as a selling point until brands such as Holika Holika came in to flaunt it. Other Asian cosmetics brands that use this ingredient, by the way, include Tony Moly.

According to Florida-based plastic surgeon Dr Daniel Kapp, synthetic collagens are generally safe and effective to us. In fact, pig collagen is said to be “more like human collagen.”

“Whether the collagen is from bovine (cow) or porcine (pig) origins, they have been thoroughly tested and are treated so that they have decreased risk of infection,” he wrote on Share Care. “Typically bovine collagen is more reactive and patients who are receiving bovine collagen require a skin test to make sure that they do not react negatively. Porcine collagen is more like human collagen and these skin tests prior to a treatment are not necessary.” So now, there’s no need to worry about including this product in your Asian skincare routine..

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