Fitness First to Open First By-Invitation-Only Singapore Gym

Fitness First to Open First By-Invitation-Only Singapore Gym

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Singapore gyms and the saturated market

As more Singaporeans choose healthier lifestyle, Singapore gyms continue to become more crowded. The gym market is considered a multi-million dollar industry in Singapore. And despite the presence of numerous gyms in the central district alone due to improving concern about Singapore fitness lifestyle, fitness gyms are still seen to be increasingly saturated.

Fitness First’s new concept

The famous global fitness chain, Fitness First, is now working on opening a by-invitation-only gym by mid-year. It is said to be the first of its kind in Singapore. And when successful, who knows? Other Asia fitness gyms under this chain might follow too. Although the details such as prices, membership criteria, its name and facilities have not been finalised at the moment, it is said that the location of this Fitness First Singapore gym will be on the uppermost floors of the new office tower in Market Street, CapitaGreen.

This plan is set to target high-level executives, who are willing to pay more than double of the regular fee. Yes, that right. The British-based chain is putting a mark on a new Asian fitness gym concept with Singapore to experience it first. Some might say that it might be a sort of a status symbol and not necessary. But for others, paying a premium at a Singapore gym to save time might be something to consider especially when waiting in line to use a facility takes around 40 minutes on peak season.

Singapore health is increasingly becoming a significant part of the decision making. But what about you, fitness buffs? What do you think of this soon-to-materialize fitness gym concept? Let us know through the comments below.

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