Fashion News: Details About “The Dress” Revealed

Fashion News: Details About “The Dress” Revealed

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Before the month of February ended this year, the world was shaken by the biggest debate on the internet: What is the colour of “the dress”? People see this dress as either black and blue or white and gold. By this time, you should know the correct answer to it. Different online magazines including fashion news magazines have delved in to help solve the world’s top issue last week.

Now, let’s try to get some more details about the internet’s most famous dress. Who created it? Where? And how much does it cost?

Exploring the details of “The Dress”

#Thedress, which was apparently proven to be black and blue in the debated photo, is now under scrutiny by the latest fashion trend enthusiasts. This black lace-adorned royal blue dress is best paired with heels as suggested by the maker of the dress on their website. It is called the Lace Bodycon Dress, a knee-length dress collection under the British brand Roman Originals. On the brand’s website, the dress alone is priced at £50. Aside from Royal Blue, the dress is also available in Ivory, Scarlett and Pink, all designed with a black lace.


Fashion news | New fashion trend | Latest fashion trends

Lace Bodycon Dress AKA “The Dress”

In the viral photo, you will notice a jacket, which was also in blue. It’s not surprising if this jacket makes its way to one of the new fashion trends around the world. The design can visibly match dresses and even trousers. That jacket called the Royal-Blue Tailored Waterfall Collar Jacket is priced at £30. It’s made up of 100% Polyester and it has a 3/4 sleeve style. And finally, it is described as a perfect pair to a dress for an evening out. If you are interested about the available colours, unfortunately, no white and gold in their list; just blue and black.

Fashion news | New fashion trend | Latest fashion trends

Royal-Blue Tailored Waterfall Collar Jacket

Take a second look at this UK-made dress and jacket, and try to picture this dress in the Asia fashion industry. If it made its way to the fashion news websites around the world, how do you think people see the dress in terms of style and fashion? Would people love it here in Asia? Do you think it is something that you would love to see in an Asia fashion magazine? We would love to hear from you so feel free to comment below.

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