The Face Shop's Newest Foundation

The Face Shop’s Newest Makeup Foundation

The Face Shop’s Screen Cell Patent

Known for its revolutionary beauty products, The Face Shop is once again proving its leadership in the cosmetics industry by releasing its very own patented 0.028mm Screen CellTM product. The latest addition to The Face Shop’s makeup line is the Cushion Screen Cell Foundation, which the company is proud to announce as the only makeup base product in the market that gives out a remarkable upgraded result with extra moisture. What does this new patent offers to our skin? Amazingly, this new product has mirroring complex, which is said to be trademarked too! Even more special, the cushion includes a 99.9% antibacterial net within it; and makes the application a far better experience than any other foundation products.

The Face Shop Screen Cell product photo

The Face Shop Cushion Screen Cell FoundationSource: The Face Shop

What makes the Cushion Screen Cell a cut above the rest?

Are you tired of the unnatural look of many makeup foundations? You can start considering The Face Shop’s newest foundation product as its main features include giving the skin a fine and smooth texture with a stunning natural radiance. Aside from the smoothing effect and moisturising capacities, it also offers the skin a 3D face effect, which will certainly make this product on top of its category.

It is also a 5-in-1 product that offers the following special features:

  1. Wrinkle-decline
  2. Brightening
  3. SPF sun protection
  4. Serving as makeup base or foundation
  5. 25-hour moisturizing

In choosing a foundation, most users are curious about how it perfectly covers skin imperfections. Well, good news! This new product makes a light and fresh skin finish that will look well-moisturised; plus, the substance easily fits on wrinkled or rough skin.

What do you think, beauty buffs? Will you give it a try?.

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