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Benefit Cosmetics Opens Biggest Store in SEA

Benefit Cosmetics Says Hello to Manila
Just a few weeks ago, Benefits Cosmetics finally opened its store in Alabang Town Center (ATC) in Metro Manila, the brand’s biggest store in Southeast Asia. This news perked up a lot of beauty product aficionados all over Manila (and Asia).

Benefit Cosmetics Alabang in Manila, the biggest in Southeast Asia

Benebabes have fun at ATC
Photo by Benefit Cosmetics Philippines

The Benefits Cosmetics ATC Grand Opening

During the first day of opening, a crowd of makeup enthusiasts were obviously thrilled to try out the different products at the store. Aside from the exciting chance to get to try Benefit Cosmetics’ beauty products, the store visitors have also indulged in foods such as chocolate cupcakes and more sweets plus drinks!

During the grand opening, the beauty product lovers have feasted over the free makeup products trial, which so happened to be allowed on ALL products. Yes, that’s right! Everyone was given the chance to try every product open for sale on that day of 5 September 2014. Exciting as it is for many women, there’s sure to be more coming up on Benefit Cosmetics Philippines in the coming days. And being SEA’s biggest, who wouldn’t be excited?

Are you a Benefits Cosmetics user too? Better check out what’s in store for you in its biggest store located in Metro Manila..

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